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A quick post to thank everyone for this first month together.

My main target in writing this site is not to gain pageviews or visitor, I don’t mind. My main target, as I’ve already said much time - but maybe it’s worth saying another time more, is learning. Writing is a great way to learn new things, to delve new unexplored topics.

I learned more this month writing that the past 3 months reading articles, really.

As an example, this month I learned 1:

  • the existence of NetApplications;
  • a (not so) great quote by Michael Dell;
  • that so many (relevant) blogs have turned comments off;
  • that a big American newspaper doesn’t care to give proper credits to the ones who really break the news first;
  • =);
  • how bad is the Android fragmentation (really worst than I expected) ;
  • that I can’t use only an iPad to write, not yet;
  • that the official WordPress app for both iOs and android sucks;
  • I recalled few episodes of my online life that I’d almost forgotten.

Not bad for just a month.

Thanks to everyone: the ones who gave only a look, the ones who support what I do here and the ones who disapprove it, because only with someone who let you know your mistakes we get better, it’s the only way to improve.

  1. I’m listing only things that I wouldn’t have learned if it wasn’t for this site. 

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